IMG_6340it lifted. I found this notebook last week. It must be be about 7 years old. The drawings in it just about brought me to tears. (Yes, I was/am hormonal) Where did this little artist go? All the creativity and ideas that were just as natural as breathing to my girl. Now she is mired in her classes, homework and studying. I don’t know if she draws as much now. Much of her time is spent on her lap-top, in her room, with the door shut. Those early years feel like sand through my fingers, soft and fleeting. But like I mentioned, this intense sadness, on my part lifted. Nothing in life stays the same, so why should I be surprised that my girl is well on her way to being an adult. I think this image on the right was a concept for a book. Mormor is depicted holding/hanging Boo by his front paws, about to have him ‘air conduct’ to classical music. Dexter is shown in profile, there is a mixing bowl and bow-toped Fi and Andrew’s floating head. Precious. IMG_6341