IMG_6347In my songbird workshop, I mentioned how I’d like to make a bigger bird with the same masking tape technique. So one on my students said, why don’t you. Well, I had to take up the challenge, and here is the progress so far. The biggest stumbling block is getting my hen to stand. In real life I don’t know how a chicken does it. They are naturally top heavy. I may have to prop her up with a supporting chick. Here are the stages of construction. I roughed out the body with crumpled balls of news paper, held together with long strips of masking tape. Once I was happy with the shape I covered it with more masking tape, and then I made tape ‘feathers’. Very therapeutic. I’m still experiencing January blahs, even though we are now in February. I’m thinking what is the point of making this hen, but it keeps me out of the pantry, and eating out of frustration. Bak, blak, baalk.IMG_6342IMG_6343IMG_6344