IMG_6376we still have electricity!

I’m blogging to you live, from the Blizzard of ’13. Here in Rhode Island, the storm is supposed to get ‘ugly’, with high winds around 4. Andrew and I just put up some whole wheat bread dough. I hope we can bake in in time. I was a whirling dervish this morning, cleaning while I could use my vacuum. I made this cut out for our front door after lunch. I needed something Valentine-y. The inspiration came from a small heart image from Pinterest, possibly made out of porcelain. Mine is cut from good ol’ foam core (thank you Michelle, I’m on my last sheet). The Mr.’s bank let everyone leave at noon today. It’s a good feeling to have everyone home. The small heart is a gift to me from me! I found it on sale ($2.81) at the All That Matters shop. I was browsing there after yoga. Isn’t it the sweetest? I’m tempted to put it on a string and wear it as a necklace. For now, it’s pinned to the box it came in. IMG_6371IMG_6375IMG_6377