ca011a97eb90daa08b77461f7711c0cdI must ring the gong for lunch. Did anyone watch last night? Finally some interesting things are happening. Of course the season is ending next Sunday. It was a nice escape to watch last night. Here the weather has taken an ugly turn, we have rain and with it the potential for basement flooding. Right now we have water coming in through our bulkhead doors. I went into town to buy a tarp and some long tacks to remedy the problem. Andrew and I spent the morning trying to remove snow from the perimeter of the house. The roads here are a mess, still not completely plowed. This is frustrating as I saw plows driving around town, with their plows up. Go figure. My in-laws are still without power. 9% of Tiverton is still without and they happen to be in the this minority. Hopefully we will get a call soon, with the news the power is on again.