IMG_6431Hello there blog reader. We were un-connected phone and internet-wise, since saturday. Fingers crossed, everything is working as it should again. Now that I have the opportunity to blog, I’m at a loss as to what I want to write. I’m so craving cookies and candy with this ugh grey weather. It’s going to be a toss up, either I’ll take my afternoon walk or, I’ll get the mixing bowl out and bake something. I finished this papercutting today. I’m flattening it at the moment. I designed it so that it will have more air around it, (thank you Doreen!) and hope to frame it tonight. This weekend we celebrated the Mr.’s birthday. He was a good sport as some of the highlights of his special day were the home show, cat puke and installing a new mechanism for our (no longer) slamming storm door. We did, all enjoy a   yummy BBQ themed dinner, ending with freshly made donuts! Doh!