IMG_6448for the crazy train. Yes, it’s true. Why you may ask. Well, on friday, a writer and photographer from the Providence Journal are coming to do a feature on me. The article will be in the Decor section, a feature of their Saturday paper. So first stop on my train trip was excitement, followed by adgiada, then doubt, now I’m visiting apprehension station. Meanwhile, I am working on this piece to have to show/photograph for the article. Two years ago, or maybe it was three, I tried to get featured in this section of the paper, to no avail. I would have been over the moon to have it happen. Thinking back then, I would have hoped that this would be ‘the answer’. Yes, the magical solution to getting more visitors to my blog, more sales on my etsy site and at Studio Hop. My expectations are more realistic at the present. I’m not even going to keep my fingers crossed, instead I’ll go with the refrain, that it will be, what it will be. Finky came to visit and suggested that I fill his dish to calm my nerves.IMG_6447