f6af04e3b0716e2dd7eb88d9b0bac08aThe interview and photo-shoot are a done deal. Both the journalist and photographer were so kind and laid back. I on the other hand, was trying to rein in any hyper talking and face blushing. I don’t  know how successful I was, but what ev! It is a strange experience to talk about yourself and be photographed, while doing it. Any-hoo, the article will be in next Saturday’s Decor section of the Providence Journal. My week will be filled with anticipation! In the meantime, I am happy to say I will be teaching ‘Becoming a Snitter’ at the Guild in Peace Dale RI. It’s a 4 week class, to introduce students to the art of paper cutting. I am in love with these Easter plates and am contemplating ordering them. Here’s to the weekend!