IMG_6460It’s almost a week since my last post. What the hay? I guess I’ve been busy with things that aren’t really blog friendly. Oh, what would that be, well battling an ant infestation for one. Yes, we had tiny ants in our bathroom, laundry room, cellar and kitchen. UGH! Plus what the heck, usually if we have ants, the weather is warm and lovely. Not so this time, in fact we had a mini-snowstorm. The Mr. and I took a ride yesterday to a Harvey showroom to look at front doors. We are in the process of replacing our windows, some doors and having vinyl siding installed on our home. It sounds like a weird thing to do, but it was really enjoyable. Also the showroom, displayed home models, that gave us some new color ideas for the exterior of our home. Today I started teaching “Becoming a Snitter” at the Guild here in Peace Dale, RI. It was a good first class and I hope the next 3 weeks will be just as good. Meanwhile, the washing machine is chugging along and the fridge has been restocked, whew!