IMG_6534has gone by? Sheesh. Today I can report that the weather is warm, for the first time probably since September! It’s just what we need, as our garden plans are expanding. Over the weekend Marc and Andrew built two supplemental beds, to our original former sandbox. Our seedlings are growing long and leggy in the basement. Now with today’s warmer temperatures all we need is a fence and we should be ready to get things outside. In other developments, I started teaching a new class in Providence yesterday. It was an enjoyable morning and I have organized my projects and lesson plans, which is a good thing. I have a sketch ready for cutting that I hope to transfer after I post this. It is for a 70th birthday for a remarkable family friend. Fingers crossed with the outcome. I can also say/type that I have reigned in my mad chocolate consumption. Yikes, the damage shows on the scale, but that number is sloooowllllly decreasing. OH, and I just finished a GREAT read, ‘Me Before You’, by Jojo Moyes. I’m sad now that I can’t read more of the story.mebeforeyouIMG_6547IMG_6541