IMG_6565like I was, where we’d put our furniture? (We needed to empty our dining and living room, in order to refinish the wood floor) Well, the answer would be the garage, kitchen and hallway. Hallelujah, Marc’s buddies came to lend their strong backs. To me the rooms look much smaller without furniture. The rest of the family thinks just the opposite. Our front door came in and we took a peek at it, while shopping for new doorknobs, bells and numbers. We going with a very different color scheme and I hope it will look good. Marc and Andrew have been making progress on the garden fence. They were delayed by a rock, digging the hole for one of the posts. Neither one of them were going to let that come in the way of their plans. I kept out of the way, while Marc was collecting tools to extract the offending boulder. IMG_6558IMG_6560