IMG_6591that painting could make you so sore. Today was opening day for the flea market at Seekonk Speedway. Miss Fi and I were there at 9 am, only to discover that they installed a fence and had an admission fee. These are new procedures, for the ’13 season, and I was not thrilled. Now there is one entrance, with a line, where as in the past you could enter the field wherever you pleased. One vendor said a customer waited 2 hours on line! They were there at 5 am, and it was COLD. I only hope that the person came away with some treasures. I brought home a set of 9 dishes and a golden book. The dishes were painted by students at a woman’s college as part of their graduation requirement. Each plate has a unique flower and the students had to paint a dinner set. I thought they were lovely, but when I heard the story, then I was sold. ( If you’re curious, $20 for the set) We were home by noon and I had a paint brush in hand soon after. I painted 4 doors, twice and a good amount of trim and heat registers in the kitchen. I am pooped! So I’ll end this here.IMG_6594IMG_6588IMG_6592