IMG_6788We are watching the new season of Cake Boss and I can’t help craving cake after each episode. The fondant doesn’t appeal to me. I made this pre-birthday cake this afternoon. It’s chilling right now. I sliced the 2 layers to 4 and put whipped cream between them. I made the cake from scratch, but most times I like the texture of a box mix more. I googled ‘best b-day cake recipes’ and ended up using one from the cocoa powder box. Tonight Andrew’s b-ball team is playing their 1st game in the play-offs. Last night’s rainstorm postponed the game until tonight and you’d never know from the sunshine that we were close to building an ark last night. (Whew that’s a long sentence) So that’s the poop here. Can you spot the silly feline who wants to enter the house, via the window?IMG_6791