IMG_6793Oh these last days of school are slipping through my hands. They are few and precious to me. Today I started to prepare the risers on our stairs so that I can paint them. I’m itching to get them started but the prep work took longer than I expected. The flooring company came back for three mornings last week to try and improve the sloppy job they did. It looks better, but both Marc and I joked that we will probably end up carpeting them again. In the meantime they need some cosmetic help. I went flea marketing over the weekend. Doreen and I tried out the new Providence Flea market. It’s kind of a hybrid one, with craftsmen and food trucks. I went to the traditional Seekonk Speedway one as well. I didn’t get much, but was happy for my purchases. The coo-coo clock is drying in the garage. It’s now white. Marc and Andrew went salt water fishing for the first time this season. Andrew didn’t catch anything and Marc had to throw back some of his fish. Tonight if the rain holds off Andrew plays another play-off game. Fingers crossed! Oh, my work is featured in this article about Scherenschnitte, take a peek: .