IMG_6801It’s been cake week here. I purchased two new to me pans over the weekend and had to try them out. I used my sister’s recipe for a hot milk sponge cake for the flan pan. I was so happy to find this one at Saver’s. Kirsten your sponge is still the BEST! I don’t know what kind of magic you do, but it is something. The other pan is a German style Bundt pan, purchase for a dollah at the Seekonk flea. I made a pound cake in this one, with mini chocolate chips and some chai flavoring. It was good. I think I’m using my b-day as an all out bake to my heart’s content excuse. In other news, Andrew and his team were FINALLY able to have a dry evening and play last night. It was the end of the road for their play-off journey as they lost. I found that this year’s games were so much more exciting than they had been in the past. It helps when their skills improve and some action actually happens. I can understand why fans can get so caught up in their favorite sports. I was almost biting my nails at times myself. I was also kicking myself yesterday. I was list-less at Home Depot, despite having made one. Then I remembered I hadn’t measured my stairs, couldn’t recall what the stair trim looked like and didn’t have the measurement for a shade for Andrew’s window. The measurement for the shade should be INGRAINED in my head as it’s only about the 20th one we’ve put up. Deep cleansing breath, today is a new day. IMG_6800IMG_6805