IMG_6877Hello. Today was the last friday of 5th and 9th grade for the kids. It is also the first day of summer! I should have flowers in my hair and be dancing in the sunshine or around the bonfire. Well, there’s still time. Meanwhile, I found a great blog called ‘My Danish Kitchen’ and it has inspired me. My parents are coming tomorrow and I’m using their visit as an excuse to do some baking. I am attempting to make real ‘danish’ pastries. I found a good recipe and watched Beatrice Ojakangas do a demo for none other than Julia Child. So I have the dough in the fridge chilling and I’ve made 3 fillings, a pastry cream and an apricot and cherry. I have a danish menu in mind for dinner tomorrow as well. Fingers crossed it comes out as good as I imagined it in my head. I also have a almond pound cake cooling which has made my kitchen smell so good. I wonder if it tastes like it smells. So that’s the poop here. So get your summer solstice on, your midsummer’s eve and your Sankt Hans Dag party on! Oh, here’s an image from Andrew’s concert, he is directly under the split in the ceiling.IMG_6875IMG_6874