IMG_6969Sophia and I went out to lunch today, celebrating the last day of school! We took a peek into Salvation Army and I spied this bench. I liked it but left without it. It was in rough shape, I couldn’t think where I’d use it and really it should be curbside with a free sign. Well, we stopped on the way home for an ice cream and I had to go back for it. I think I can use it in 3 possible places and it was on sale, $24.99. So throwing caution to the wind, home it came. I have since ripped off some of fabric, sanded it and gave it the first coat of Kilz. I’m wondering if I happen to have some fabric in my stash that I can use to reupholster it. At any rate I enjoy the process and it makes me happy. It reminded me of something out of a Carl Larsson painting.IMG_69671-hide-and-seek-carl-larssonimages