P1080466Hello August! I fell off the blogging habit. I guess lazy days of summer, don’t make for good blog content! Well to catch you up dear reader, if you’re at all interested, here goes- Let’s see, my Mom came for a visit. She had gotten out of the habit of coming on her own, so she wanted to see if she could still do the drive. Well she sure could and we had a bang up great time. We miss her! Today Sophia mentioned it felt like a long time since we had been to CT. We had been in the habit of going just about every week in July.  I also had a blast from RISD’s past, as my former house-mates and old friends, Rita and Derek came for a visit.  They were in the area, staying  at a beach house, on route to a wedding. They did not look any older from our college days and we picked up the thread of conversation instantly. Yesterday, Fi and I went and spent a crafter-noon with Michelle. We introduced her to Shrinky Dinks. She has now caught the dinky fever and plans to spread the love to her friends and family. She made smurf themed pins, Fi made a bracelet with chinese zodiac symbols and I made a bracelet with pansies. P1080467P1080471P1080470P1080473Okay, this next bit is not for the squeamish. So you can just stop reading here. Yesterday, I noticed something sticking, no pun intended, out of Finky’s blind eye, a.k.a his butt. I reported this to the Mr. and not surprisingly got no response. Mr. Andrew on the other hand bolted downstairs at this exciting, to him, development. Well, something had to be done, I mean what ever it was, was going to come out, either with help or on it’s own, god knows when or where. So I had Andrew brush the cat to distract him, and using a tissue pulled out, what I though was a tuft of hair from his bottom. Well, never will I be so naive or innocent again, it turned out the cat swallowed a BRANCH and what we were seeing was just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. So I pulled and Andrew and I both started to scream at the length of this BRANCH?! The poor cat, Andrew claimed he thought he was walking a little strange, but I had no idea. I felt like a the mouse who pulled the thorn from the lion’s paw, except this involved plumbing rather than a simple paw prick. I can only image what the neighbors wondered was going on as Andrew and I were screaming. Finky took it all well, the poor thing. One wonders if he swallowed or sat on said branch, kind of like that age old riddle of which came first the chicken or the egg. We will never know, just as well. IMG_7099