IMG_7113If it had been cool enough, yes! I tried out my Echo dough blender, bought by Kathy at the flea market. I was very enthusiastic about it, when she found this tool. We both agreed that the pastry cutter we have, a modern one, is inferior, made with bendable wires instead of these rigid blades.  Well wouldn’t you know, I later found in nestled in my purchases, thank you Kathy. It worked like a charm. I also used my fancy W.Sonoma pie dish, a X-mas gift from my SIL and brother. So true confessions here. I kind of winged the recipe, I didn’t have 6 cups of blueberries, so I added some apples and peaches. It tastes very fine, I just wish I hadn’t had to DRAIN it for the photo! It is very juicy and the bottom of the crust is mushy, ick. Here is the before, baked and consumed shots. And some photos from the flea day. Kathy found her childhood toy oven! suzyhomemakerIMG_7114IMG_7115