IMG_7119Hello, this evening the kitchen looked as if I was preparing for a bake-off. We are headed to CT and for a get together with Shari and her 3. So the challenge in my mind was what to bake that 1, keeps well, 2, travels well and 3 will hold up to this rainforest weather we are experiencing. So I went with a pound cake, blondies and blueberry shortbread bars. We have tested both bars and they came out well, fingers crossed that are still yummy come Sunday. I researched what caused my pie to be so runny, and it is because I didn’t bake it long enough. My big fear is burning things, so I tend to err on the side of underbaking something. I love that I could google, ‘runny pie’ and get a solution. I also watched a video online of the blueberry bars being made, which was informative and charming, take a peek: or just the recipe: