IMG_7172Hello dear reader. When I was packing to go to CT, my son informed me that his bed was broken. I promised we would look into it, but not while I was trying to get the show on the road, so to speak. Well, the Mr. and I took a look at his Ikea bunk bed and we both had different ideas on how to fix the problem. I won’t bore you with the tedious details, just know that my idea was the solution, until it didn’t work. So after trying to salvage a bunk bed by making it a single bed, and sawing it in half, we had to scrap the whole frame. We did re-use his mattresses. Today I went with Fi on a consignment hunt for bed rails for a twin bed. Got a set for $30, along with a night table and lamp. We then played musical chairs with his furniture, trying to get a better layout. I think we have a good one now. Next is to paint the room or to cover the castles and dragons. We want to go with a fishing or ocean theme. Too bad I’m impatient, and want instant results. We moved a bookcase out of Andrew’s room, emptied a bookcase in Fi’s and she is using his. In the process we have a ton of children’s books to donate. I told the Mr. he needs to build a library onto the house, so I can save all the books that have sentimental value. Sigh.