IMG_7199will paint. Well, I have been painting and painting. I, are you ready for this, got the ok to paint the woodwork in Andrew’s room. The Mr. is a big fan of the varnished wood, Andrew and I are not. So now it’s WHITE! Two coats of, you guessed it, Kilz, and two coats of white paint. It looks so crisp. IMG_7194These night shots do not do it justice. I painted the walls a cornflower blue. I went cheap and only bought a quart of paint. I’m thinking of only doing two of the walls this color and the other two white. I think if I did all the walls the blue, it would make this small room, look even smaller. We give it a try and see how it looks. Tomorrow is my brother’s birthday, the big 5-0. We are headed to a cookout in his honor. Fingers crossed that the traffic gods will be smiling down on us. Shari reminded me of a prank my brother once pulled on me. He phoned me at work, at a frame shop, and kept me on the line, asking how much it would cost to frame a postage stamp. I had no idea it was Paul, pulling my leg. So here are some framed ‘postage stamps’ I made in his honor. IMG_7191The sunflowers are open and in bloom. It’s amazing they started out as a seed. So that’s the latest here.IMG_7182