IMG_7263So we have some progress on Andrew’s room. He wasn’t loving the lobster, so I made an octopus instead. (you can see my striped shirt in the glass reflection) I haven’t had luck with my Benny’s and contact paper. They were all out of white and said they’d have some in pronto, but I checked today and still nada. I’m thinking of going to a copy shop or sign shop and seeing if I could buy a sheet or piece of the vinyl they would use. I made cinnamon buns and a loaf of bread. I was inspired by our new toaster, and wanted some good bread to toast. Well, the laugh of it is, so far the toaster smells liked burning plastic when in use. Sigh. Andrew’s team lost in this morning’s scrimmage. They played the best team in the league. The good news was Andrew played center. So now to sew a valance for the window. And a view of Mr. Finks as I sit at the computer.IMG_7262IMG_7261IMG_7258