IMG_7301I’m running on fumes and vapors right now. The bathroom redo is done*. Again, I became possessed by decorating demons. So much so that I got up at 4 am, hot and trying to work out a plan to finish what I started. I decided to go with the pennant trend, and painted a ‘string’ line on the wall. I then ironed fabric triangles to the wall. The fabric had been treated with wonder under fusible web. I didn’t know if it would work, but so far so good. I had some items that Andrew wasn’t using in his room any more and repurposed them. The look is flea-market style with a flavor of pinterest. I’m waiting for a frame to dry that I built a la pinterest, from moulding. They made it look so easy, but I have had much difficultly getting the glue to bond. I also had mondo struggles with the cabinet handles. The problem was the holes didn’t jive and I had to dig for washers and nuts. On a happier note, I enjoyed putting new art on the wall. Especially Tintin and Snowy! I was inspired by German die cut vintage scrap book art, for my blue bird painting. The fabric came from the many scraps in my fabric stash, and I can remember buying some of them before kids! I kept with a bird theme, hee hee, a bird bath! *I just need good gluing karma and to sew a window valance, and it will be DONE. Then I have to swear not to re-paint anything for a bit. Although, the more I look around the house the more I see shabbiness, sigh.IMG_7306IMG_7298IMG_7317IMG_7318IMG_7315