1943_The_Little_HouseWe took part in our neighborhood yard sale. I think the house is breathing a little easier. It’s like as if it lost 5 lbs and it’s jeans aren’t so snug. I was ready to not do it. Andrew had a bee in his bonnet and was enthusiastic to put out our ‘wares’. Let me just say it is a lot of work, for very little reward, monetary or otherwise. I like purging and driving everything to Sally’s ( Salvation Army) and having it out of my hair, asap. And, in the end I’d say we brought 85% of it there anyways. Andrew was pleased with our sales and was a trooper loading that 85% of stuff in our car and then unloading it at Sally’s. So many people wanted the merch for basically nothing. They balked at things costing $2?! I was cringing at every yard sale poster we passed with our haul to unload. But we have a little more wiggle room in the house, so that’s a good thing, as Martha would say.