IMG_7350Coo-Coo clocks! I have been on the hunt for one for a few years. This Sunday’s flea market had a bumper crop of them, all broken unfortunately. The one I chose needs some tlc and maybe a paint job. I am trying to get my 2014 calendar done, so it will have to wait. It has two windows at the top, one with a bird and the other with a seated man. When I took it out of the bag to photograph, the bird started to coo coo, which I thought was promising. Today’s afterschool snack; muffins made from a pouch mix and spruced up with a glaze and lemon zest, not bad. In other baking news, Buddy has a line of cake mixes and frostings! I spotted them at my Shaw’s today. I was too cheap to buy one, the mix is close to 5 bucks. But if it had been on sale I would of tried one.IMG_7349IMG_7348