IMG_7373oh, my! I am happy to type that both classes went swimmingly! I had a fantastic group of women on Sunday who had great enthusiasm and skills, the perfect combination. I think they enjoyed themselves and will continue cutting on their own. Monday was the first class at the Providence Handicraft club. It is kind of a hybrid of two classes, and I have a feeling that this group will make some great work. The big relief for me, was that I found parking, on Monday! That was the worry monkey on my back. This semester I am teaching in the afternoon, and figured that the limited parking spaces would be filled at that time. Well, happily that wasn’t the case. Meanwhile, I’m trying to get the remaining months cut and finished for my 2014 calendar, along with new pieces  in general! Photos are from Sunday’s workshop at Mikala’s beautiful studio and classroom, find more information about her sewing courses and other art workshops by visiting: