IMG_7487Or mounted heads? Well, this week has not been pretty. I feel I have been neglecting my kids. As a Mom and an artist, this week has tested both rolls and neither one has come out on top. Cookies for dinner? Constant taxi-ing, yep. Remembering wash in the machine before it sits overnight, yes, but narrowly. I think I should cut a my own head to add to this collection. Any hoo, the end is near. I need to make a ‘to do’ list, and make strides. Tomorrow is the Alumni Sale at RISD, from 10- 4. Visit the site for more info: On Sunday, I am participating in an event at the RISD museum, called office hours. I will be demo-ing paper cutting from 10- 12. I’m wondering what kind of turn-out will be there at 10 am on a Sunday, but we shall see. Here’s more info about this ongoing series, featuring RI artists: