Hello from Benefit Street! I was blessed with good weather and a nice table/spot right at the start of the show. As usual, Michelle wore many hats as my right hand man, table stager, president of my fan club and #1 sales rep. We enjoyed the adorable babies and dogs that passed by. I think both sets of our nostrils are lined with french fry oil as we were down wind from ‘Idaho joe’s’ french fry stand. Not the best food to walk around with, complete with cups of ketchup, if you ask me. Thank you to my sweet students who came and visited with me. A big thanks to the  folks who purchased my work and to the people who shared their enthusiasm for paper art and cutting. I’m still pumped up from talking to so many people. I wish I could capture all the kind words I received today and replay them next time I’m doubting myself in the studio. I’ll be back on Benefit tomorrow morning doing a demo at the RISD museum, 10 – 12, all paper cutting secrets will be revealed, mwhah-ha-ha!