IMG_7664Hello, it’s friday and I’d like to write that we are ready for the weekend. We are not though. Andrew is reluctantly going to a dance/& game night at his school. It will be a first for him and he’d rather stay home. (The apple doesn’t fall far from his momma’s tree) The Mr. and I both felt he should give it a try, so that he could then form an opinion about dances, instead of just assuming he wouldn’t like it. We are also  hosting a candy making party tomorrow and I’m  beginning to get cold feet. The candy we will attempt to make will be taffy, fudge, peppermint  bark and dipped marshmallows. It has been a LONG time since I’ve made taffy and it could be a big fiasco. Anyhoo, in the meantime I was trying to do something with my stair risers. I like the direction of it, but not necessarily  the design I cut. It’s just tacked up with double sided tape for the moment. I used brown package paper. If I did want it more permanent I’d seal it under a layer of clear contact paper. I like the way it looked on my cutting board. IMG_7668