IMG_7749The electrician just came by and the problem was the dimmer switch. It is so nice to have the light work again. I’ve spent the day crossing things off my list. Such a good feeling. I had a bee in my bonnet to cut a paper runner for my table. While I cut it, I did think, hmm she’s really on the crazy train now. IMG_7733IMG_7736This year instead of having three tables in three different rooms, I tried for one long table in the dining room and using the kitchen table. IMG_7734My count was off and we will be 22, and that’s after 2 people canceled. I was channeling my inner Daisy or Mr. Bates, as I was polishing ‘the’ silver earlier.IMG_7745 I got a whole bunch this summer for $3, with the idea that I’d make jewelry with it. Well you can imagine the state of tarnish it was in. I found a simple way online to clean silver and it worked! Basically, you line a dish pan with aluminum foil and pour 1/2 gallon of boiling water, along with 1/2 of baking soda in it. The silverware has to touch the foil and it cleans away the tarnish. Some pieces are still tarnished, but I was happy with the results. If you spy with your little eye a scherenschnitte turkey, it is a pattern from the fabulous blog by Cindy Bean, who generously shares a template every Tuesday, right here: A big thank you to Doreen for the loan of your folding chairs, they’re great!IMG_7738 IMG_7748IMG_7737