IMG_7752Thank you to my family for making our Thanksgiving so special. I am so touched that you all came and celebrated with us. Dad we missed you. So sorry you had to spend the holiday, with a bum sump-pump! Note to self, your husband was right, make 2 turkeys next year. Michelle what a brilliant  idea to make Thanksgiving Jeopardy! Andrew thinks you should have a second career as a party planner and game designer. I couldn’t agree more! Thank you Robb for  your photographer’s eye and beautiful photos.IMG_7759IMG_7773IMG_7772DSC03016DSC03020DSC03023DSC03046DSC03065DSC03064DSC03087DSC03081DSC03075DSC03071DSC03027DSC03033DSC03036DSC03018DSC03079DSC03078DSC03070