DSCN0074DSCN0072One of the many nice things about the internet, is the vast amount of inspiration one can find. I deeply admire Elsa Mora’s work. She is a phenomenal  artist and not so long ago she posted a paper doll, that she created, of Frida Kahlo: http://www.allaboutpapercutting.com/news/introducing-diy-frida-kahlo-paper-doll/. I loved it and it has been percolating in my mind. I was thinking it would be fun to adapt it for a project for my paper cutting class. I’ve asked the class to bring in a photo of themselves or someone significant in their lives. Today I tried it out, making a doll after my Mormor. I depicted the farmhouse, where she and my Morfar retired. I included many cats, which she had a soft heart for and fed. The two trees represent her two daughters, one of which is now my chidren’s Mormor. I want to try some more. It was a challenge to stylize her, but a fun one.DSCN0061DSCN0063