made on my new apple computer! *I hope. The gerbils on their exercise wheel are working over time in my brain as I try and figure things out. I have an enormous screen, which is a bit of a laugh if you could see how tiny this text is that I am typing. *Must go into window settings. The key board is tiny and my sausage fingers are trying to adjust. I love that it is wireless along with the sleek mouse. The “set-up” was easy, mind you, if you just wanted the screen and computer to turn on. To figure out how to set up an email account and to get online, well there are no instructions for that. Luckily I had set up our pc in the other room and got the phone number for apple. I have 90 days of free phone help and I intend to use them. In talking to a apple rep, I learned that I would have to call my internet provider to get the incoming and outgoing email addresses. I also learned that I didn’t have to change my email address, I thought I’d need to. So that was a relief. So far I have all my favorite blog addresses on my bookmark list. On my pc I guess that would be the same as a favorites list. I would love to play Pandora, but I don’t have a plugin for it. I’m also wondering if I have to load the imac x install disc and applications install. These two discs came with the machine. But anyway, I think I’m off to a good start and I hope to be soon singing all the praises for all the wonderful things this new machine can do!