DSCN0039Hello dear reader. I am happy to post that I’m shaking of my hibernation mode. Today I started a cutting. It is valentine themed and I might use it for a project for my upcoming ‘Open Studio, Paper Cut’ class. The diamond in the center will read, my heart has wings. It was nice to be cutting again. The Mr., gifted me a new camera and I was testing it today. Mr. Finks was my unhappy subject. I need to read the book, as it comes with bells and whistles, like a built in gps. I have a Jamie Oliver dinner in the oven and it smells heavenly. Basically it roasted veg with chicken breasts. Yesterday was spent trying to find out if Andrew had broken his wrist. Happily it is just a bad sprain. So that’s the news here.DSCN0047DSCN0041DSCN0026


hoopla-movie-poster-1933-1020174226I have been enjoying the quiet time after the holidays. We tuned into the New Year’s eve coverage and I was pondering just what all the hoopla is/was about. I am trying to make some changes for the new year, like not eating the vast amount of goodies that I was consuming during the holidays. I am reading two good books, both have material to think on. I have a mantra for the new year, which I’m keeping to myself. I hope it helps to make me calmer and happier. We shall see. In the meantime, I might knead some bread dough and be present. I want to not look back at the past, as I tend to do, and not fear the future, my usual go-to mode. Easy to say and write about, quiet another thing to practice.

DSC00028We are back from celebrating christmas in Connecticut. It was such a treat to spend time with my nearest and dearest. Here are some beautiful photos taken by my sis and her hubs. DSC03493DSC00030-3DSC03486DSC03470DSC03469DSC03466DSC03457DSC03448DSC03445DSC03447DSC03436DSC03433DSC03408DSC03431DSC00059DSC00052DSC00054DSC00036

IMG_7924It felt like the middle of the night, at 6 a.m, but it was morning. Andrew woke up at 2 a.m, didn’t fall back asleep and is now napping. Our stockings were  stuffed with goodies and we had packages to open, thanks to Santa Marc. When daylight broke I made some danish.IMG_7925

IMG_7917Andrew got through Christmas Eve day! Oh, the anticipation. This year he got busy washing dishes, organizing the spice cabinet, making cookies and watching x-mas t.v. Hopefully he is good and tired and will have a full night’s sleep. Merry Christmas on this Christmas eve, 2013, and to all a good night!



IMG_7911We donned our candy making hats and tried a recipe for salt water taffy. It turned out well, except we have so much of it. We might have to leave it anonymously, around the neighborhood. IMG_7913IMG_7910IMG_7914