I have had a piece of stolen. I don’t think it is as good as my Mom’s but this German yeastbread with dried fruit just feels like Christmas. Oy, the recipe I used had me raise it 3 times! But it sure smells good and I’ve gotten it out of my system. This morning my dear neighbor and friend Janie came by and we made danish paper star ornaments. She is attaching them to her children’s teachers’ gifts. We had a good visit and I bent her ear while we folded paper. Tomorrow Sophia and I head to Waltham MA for new and clearer MRI’s. With and without contrast. I have had such ups and downs over this, especially in dealing with our health care provider. They have sent me 3 letters this week, 1 of the two saying they will cover the cost and the other two declining to cover the cost. It has given me such a headache, to say the least. (fyi, it could cost over 3 grand) Fingers crossed tomorrow that ALL GOES WELL and that this blogger doesn’t have any un-necessiary meltdowns.