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DSCN0100I did it, yes I took our christmas tree down. It went pretty quickly. I wanted a snapshot of my x-mas card ornament before packing it all away. I made this valentine ‘tree’ this afternoon. While I cutting the branches I unknowingly stepped in cat poo, UGH. I made this discovery when I walked across the kitchen floor. It kind of took the shine off of the project. I wonder if the buds will bloom on the branches?DSCN0102DSCN0108

DSCN0091I love using hearts in my work. Today I cut some for the windows. I started out with a very complicated design. I simplified it, as I wanted it to be more readable from a distance. Well, you can kind of see them from the street, but in any case I like the free floating heart. In other decorating news, our christmas tree is still up. This is a record. For some reason I don’t have ants in my pants to take it down. It still looks so pretty, mostly at night. DSCN0093DSCN0097

DSCN0084Here’s another articulated paper doll. This one is based on my Dad’s mother. The two roosters represent her two sons and the birds in the tree are her husbands. She was a tough bird herself.DSCN0088

DSCN0081Hello! Last night, I dusted off the mixing bowl and fired up the oven. I have been abstaining from baked treats, as I am trying to reduce and curb my butter/white flour/sugar addiction. The last time I baked sweets was Dec. 25th. The Mr. was going to bring muffins to his Mom, so I volunteered to bake them. I got an enthusiastic response when I mentioned I could make cinnamon rolls. So I made some that you can start, refrigerate overnight and then bake in the morning. Two banana  breads joined the line-up along with these ‘chocolate  snaps’ cookies. I wish I had read the recipe before starting as it makes 6 DOZEN! And called for 3 sticks of butter?! I baked half the portion and the rest of the dough is in the fridge. If you are curious, I had 1 bite of roll and a 1/4 of a cookie. I wish I could have one whole of each, but that will ignite my addiction and I would be on a bender, lick-idy split. DSCN0083DSCN0080

DSCN0074DSCN0072One of the many nice things about the internet, is the vast amount of inspiration one can find. I deeply admire Elsa Mora’s work. She is a phenomenal  artist and not so long ago she posted a paper doll, that she created, of Frida Kahlo: I loved it and it has been percolating in my mind. I was thinking it would be fun to adapt it for a project for my paper cutting class. I’ve asked the class to bring in a photo of themselves or someone significant in their lives. Today I tried it out, making a doll after my Mormor. I depicted the farmhouse, where she and my Morfar retired. I included many cats, which she had a soft heart for and fed. The two trees represent her two daughters, one of which is now my chidren’s Mormor. I want to try some more. It was a challenge to stylize her, but a fun one.DSCN0061DSCN0063

DSCN0053I can really see a difference. Spent the morning taking down some of christmas. I’m doing it stages and enjoying the process for a change. Still cold, cold cold here! I haven’t missed a walk but it’s challenging.